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  • Mercredi, 24 janvier 2007

    And so....


    Hey all!
    After a few badly called shots, P-L and I have decided to share the studio and the stage together once again. This re-unitement was followed through because we both decided what was good for Runt in the past so in all honesty, we kind of had shit straight 4 years ago. Things haven't felt so right in a damn long time. You see, I kind of got fed up of words spoken but not meant and comments like "our guitarist has to be good looking" . These types of things never mattered to me or Runt at it's essence before, until we came across a few bad decisions and wrong circumstances. We do things the hard way, we find it way more exciting and it takes alot of self esteem but very little ego in order to get things to work out between 3 or more people. P-L and myself have played on every tour that Runt has ever played and we never had problems, until 2003. Since April that year, we had kicked out, replaced, flipped around and altered this line up too many times and the sad truth of the matter is that after all this effort, we had no results. The last time that we actually felt comfortable for more than 2 days in a row playing in this band was actually april 2003. The fact is that we founded, nurtured, created and built this band together and because of our own terrible judgement, we tore it apart (mostly mine mind you). As such, we are taking some time to heal the scars and make the music that our supportive fans deserve to have from us.
    You see, I firmly believe in all the aspects that make up a band, without one exception. As plain and as empty as it may be, as long as it is true and real and REALLY from the heart, it is a success to me. Without heart, a band (in my point of view) cannot continue honestly. Corruption such as belief in the equipment and the amount of money spent on it does not sit well with me. I have never believed and will never believe that the instrument makes the player sound good, the player makes the instrument sound good, no matter how shitty the instrument is. These are the internal problems, along with many others that we feel that you should know about because it's about time to let fact do it's job.
    Thanks for taking the time,


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