After the End

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  • Style de musique:
    Hardcore & Métal
    Actif depuis:
  • Membres

    Mathieu Touzin -
    Jocelyn Hamel -
    Éric Turmel -
    Bass and Vocals
    Steeve Bureau -
    Denis Nadeau -
    Guitar and Vocal
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First part:

At the beginning of After the End in 2004 we were four kids that wanted to play music like our favourites bands. It was all our first band so the music was basic and not very melodious. The bad critics didn’t discourage us and we always try to better our music and find our sound.

Second part:

After a few months, we decide to add a new guitarist to After the End. This gives us a new breath. At this point, our songs start to be more technical and well structured. One philosophy of After the End is that when we create a song we always push ourselves to do better than the precedent.

Third part:

You may want to know what we’ve done in the 3 years of existence of After the End. We’ve recorded two demos, one in 2005 and one in 2007. Also, we have played almost 60 shows in the province of Quebec and we made a tour in Ontario in 2007. The nearest thing that happens to After the End is the arrived of a new singer. Maxime decides to leave the band because he wanted to spend more time in his studies. We wish him a good chance in his futures projects.

Last part:

We are now ready to tour all around the world, to record a crazy Cd and to play with the biggest band ever.

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    Dimanche, 24 août 2008

    Bonjour , Après 1 an d'attente, finalement nous avons ajouté deux nouvelles chansons dont les titres sont: '' My last words'' ainsi que '' If W...

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