A New Renaissance

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A New Renaissance was formed in 2003 when a group of passionate musicians joined together to write music that exceeds boundaries and promotes awareness of what they believe are grave social injustices.

In July, the group went on tour in California to promote their first EP, "Uneven Flow". The tour was a great learning experience for the band and upon returning to their homes in Canada's captial region, they went back to work on writting new music, with a wider range of influences.

In December of 2004, the band decided to record their first full length album. In pursuit of perfection, the band took it upon themselves to do all of the recording, set up a home studio for the purpose and brought on a new bassist. During the 18 month process, virtually every note of every song was scrutinized, reorganized and harmonized.

Today, after having shared the stage with such bands as Raised Fist, Silverstein and Cigar, and after going through a grueling recording process, the band is finalizing the mixing of their first full-length album in Montreal. With all of the acquired experience, much as their name implies, A New Renaissance feels like the band is being reborn with the launch of their first full length recording. Charged with a message, their music strives to blend harmony and havoc, creating a sound fueled by their rage at the current problems the world is faced with, but filled with hope for the future.

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  • Auteur: Guillaume

    Mercredi, 24 janvier 2007 à 10h59

    wow cooolios man

  • Auteur: Guillaume

    Mercredi, 24 janvier 2007 à 10h59

    wow coolios maaaaan


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