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Blame Mary Blame Mary is a punk-garage trio formed on March 10th, 2013 by current members Josiah Toufexis, Marie Tilbe and Jon Cleveland. Toufexis and Tilbe met in 2005 while playing with the band Tuffcookie. When the band dissolved in December 2012 the two refused to give up. Whilst Tilbe continued writing songs the two were fortunate enough to find the perfect match in Jon Cleveland , the chemistry was immediate, and the three formed the trio. Blame Mary is about creating simple music, that is raw and soulful, while using a very simple set up. We do not wish to take ourselves too seriously, we make music out necessity, because it is unimaginable to live without it. We have had the opportunity to share the stage with great bands such as the legendary Vulgar Deli, Ashtray Heart, Squalor, Bucky Harris, and Brooklyn's own Go Deep as well as many others. The band's first self-entitled EP 'BLAME MARY' will be released on January 29, 2015. The EP contains four songs, and was recorded live at the Dirty Church recording studio in Montréal Canada in December of 2014. The band will also released their first video on YouTube entitled 'Cracker' to accompany the EP on the same day. A full album release is planned for the summer of 2015. Until then Blame Mary is scheduled play many shows over the coming months both in and outside of Montréal.
You can Get more info here: Facebook: Bandcamp: Youtube: E-Mail:
EP 'Blame Mary': Tracklist 1) Glory 2) Turning Blue 3) Free Online 4) Cracker

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