Bleeding Orange

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    Hardcore, Métal & Punk
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    Ryan -
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    Kevin -
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Hailing from Montreal, Canada and having toured many of the eastern canadian provinces in the past 5 years, Bleeding Orange, with the upcoming release of their latest 4-song self-produced demo, are preparing to take the world by storm. Eloquently blending heavy metal, post-hardcore and alternative stylings, this quintet's latest effort will undoubtedly become a respected opus in it's genre, on and off the mainstream.
All members have a long history of musicianship in Montreal. Kevin and Ryan Andrade, drummer and guitarist respectively, have been the backbone and driving force of the group for almost 7 years. Tyler Brown, after having led notorious punk bands on vocals for most of the 90s, now sits in as bassist. Last but not least, local legend Pavlo Haikalis, guitarist extraordinaire and studio engineer, has recently joined forces with Bleeding Orange to create the perfect fusion of drive and passion.
Having been on the forefront of local talent, this band has had more than one occasion to garner their resumé with praise. On top of gracing Myspace Top 10 charts on repeated occasions, previous recordings and performances have attracted much praise on local and american press.

On top of these selected reviews, Bleeding Orange has proven their worth time and time again by landing such gigs as The Ernie Ball Stage on Vans Warped 2006, and opening spots with Bleed The Dream, Cancer Bats and other local Montreal heros, just to name a few. As of yet, this band remains 100% independent and DIY. Accordingly, Bleeding Orange is currently looking for management, endorsements and representation on a wider scale to help further their influence across North America.

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  • Auteur: Thomas Tiggiani

    Lundi, 9 janvier 2012 à 11h31


    Si tu joues au Québec tu connais certainement Emergenza, le concours live ouvert à tous les groupes de compositions originales qui depuis 10 ans sélectionne avec des concerts au Club Soda et à l'Olympia des groupes de Montréal qui participeront au Taubertal Open Air festival en Allemagne.

    Pour venir voir une soirée gratuitement écris-moi je te mettrai sur Guest List.
    Ton groupe est actif, joue des compos et veut jouer live allant peux-être jusqu'en Europe, inscris-toi sur le site avant que les slots de booking ne soient complets.

    Pour plus d'infos écris à

    Thomas Tiggiani
    Emergenza Festival


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