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It all started when the two brothers, Mathieu and Simon, started playing respectively guitar and bass. At first they were playing for fun, jamming cover songs and stuff. It became a bit more serious when Matt took private lessons and then went on to the music college, Simon followed into these steps. At that time, they had played occasionally with a drummer, Max, him too followed to the music college. So, they were three, they needed another player to start a band, they knew who they wanted so they asked this guy, Guillaume C.-V., some kind of guitar wizard that would be the perfect element to complete the band. The guys played together a couple of songs and one in particular that they would then play at a show. After that show, Max, Matt and Simon wanted to start building their own compositions but Guillaume C.-V. had not much time, he wanted to concentrate on his school. Max knew another guitar player, so he asked him to join the three, it was Guillaume L. They were four again and they were building songs and everything was going really good between the guys. All this time though, Guillaume L. sometimes had difficulty to follow, the guys asked him to practice harder or they would have to fire him. Guillaume L. decided on his own that he was leaving the band. So, again, the three were on another quest to find a guitarist. They went back to Guillaume C.-V. and asked him again to join the band and he did so. Now the guys needed a new place to practice, they found one, but, they were waiting approval from Max who was becoming a bit distant, to finally deciding he was leaving the band for some "unknown" reason. Guillaume C.-V. , Simon and Matt needed a new drummer so they decided to quickly record a few songs as rough demos to present to eventual drummers.
to be continued.....

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