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When long-running Montreal punks Issue Sixteen played their final show to three disaffected kids at an all ages warehouse in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it was an unfitting and unfair end to a band that spent five years travelling Canada from coast to coast, through most of Europe and the forests of Russia. The band’s story is a familiar one to any roadworn Canadian rocker; heroes in their hometown, pockets of dedicated fans across the country, and, eventually, crashing into a wall and dissolving in uncertainty in an unfamiliar town.
The events of the final Issue Sixteen show in Halifax profoundly inform the start of la Querelle’s debut, Welcome to my Battleship. Led by the duel vocals of guitarists Mathieu Lachapelle and Jonathan Cadotte, along with bassist Pascal Rivest, Guillaume Boucher (guitar) and Jean-Philippe St-Laurent (drums), Welcome to my Battleship traces Lachapelle’s personal journey following that fateful night in Halifax.

Holing up retreat in a basement studio in the woods outside of Montreal, the new group began crafting their sound. The band built an epic post-rock reminiscent of acts like Mogwai and the Mercury Program with a building, driving rhythm section. The songs are sung with the heartfelt, poignant lyricism of classic ‘90s emo bands like Elliott and Sunny Day Real Estate. la Querelle honed in on a massive sound playing as loud as possible in the middle of a forest. With three guitarists each adding their own distinct instrumental voice to the band’s richly textured songs, cuts like “Montreal, Montreal” retain a sonic richness that isn’t studio trickery; it’s the honest, unaffected sound of a group of friends cranking up the decibels and playing as fiercely as they can.

Now on the verge of releasing Welcome to my Battleship via New Romance for Kids Records, their epic six-song debut, the band have already begun plotting their first trip to Europe, returning to their punk roots in Polish squats and French dive bars, hitting 10 countries in 16 days. A new enthusiasm for playing together and touring pervades Welcome to my Battleship, as it marks a band moving past its former troubles and breaking into something new, for themselves and for their audience.

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  • la Querelle : Welcome to my Battleship

    Welcome to my Battleship

    10 août 2010
    1.You re shaking with your smile
    2.My eyes are wide, wet and red
    3.Warm chord and encore
    4.Shines bright like a shooting star
    5.The hallways are always empty
    6.Montreal, Montreal

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La Querelle - la Querelle - Welcome to my battleship - Album teaser


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    Jeudi, 15 juillet 2010

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  • Premier album pour la Querelle

    Jeudi, 15 juillet 2010

    Le premier album de la Querelle "Welcome to my Battleship" est prsentement disponible en intgralit gratuitement sur notre myspace jusqu'au 7 aot, ...

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