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In 1995 two high school friends, Chris Donaldson and Steve Burns, get together and decide to start a band derived from their influences such as Metallica Pantera and Meshuggah. They recruit other members and start the Montreal metal band "Minds", who will later go on to sign a distribution deal with Kafka records in 2001. The band earned their experience playing countless shows all over Canada alongside acts like, Anonymus, Watcha, Cryptopsy, Biohazard, and Barcode to name a few.

At the end of 2003, the two decided that they wanted something new, something heavier with a younger fresh sound and disbanded Minds to start up a new project. Chris and Steve start jamming a bunch of covers with a much younger teenage Josh Leonard who was practicing a few doors down in another band, would come over and scream his heart out to slipknot covers alongside them. After a few, and what started off as a series of a friendly jam sessions, Josh is asked to join the band, which will help lay the early stepping stones to what would later on become Mythosis.

Shortly after their formation, the band self-produced and recorded their first EP "Three Prayers for the Unknown" which sold out a thousand copies independently in no time.

By 2005 Chris starts to record the demo for Incision (now Mass Murder Messiah) at his home studio as a favour for drummer Samir Samman a good buddy from Barcode that Minds used to tour with. After a couple of weeks in the studio Chris and Marc (who was the bassist of Incision at the time) really start hitting it off, as Chris loves the lyric writing of Marc and quickly asks him to jump aboard as bassist and lyricist of Mythosis.

Although being a drummer for 14 years and having spent the last year touring in the States with Richmond Virginia based Hardcore Metal band Cassius, Smith, after a series of personal issues decides to return home to Montreal leaving everything behind, including his drums, and does so. Shortly after his return, long time friends Steve, Chris and Josh asked him if he'd be interested in joining the band. Even though it wasn't on drums, Smith wanted to pursue a career in music and without any hesitation climbed aboard.

All at the same time, along with the line up changes in 2005, Chris is asked to join Cryptopsy on tour as a session guitarist to help promote the album "Once Was Not" where after a couple of tours would later become a permanent member of the band.

Now juggling 2 bands, and having been away touring for the last year, Chris rejoins Mythosis, as they re-enter the studio to record their first full length album, Counter Fate Illusions which is later released in February of 2007.

With growing recording contracts, Chris must go back into studio to help write and record the up and coming Cryptopsy album and preps for another year of touring. Its 2009, and in between tour dates Chris takes the time to go back into studio to write and record some new Mythosis tracks. While writing new material, Mythosis decided to release, on USB Bracelet, their complete discography, pictures, videos and 4 "Unreleased" Tracks.

Now stronger than ever the band is back with their new EP "Mind Built Prison" with a more mature sound, pushed to a whole new level, which has evolved over the years. The new improved and more brutal Mythosis has finally arrived, and is here to stay. The myth in constant evolution is expressing a form of poetic justice which will say...WE ARE MYTHOSIS!


  • Mythosis : Mind Built Prison (EP)

    Mind Built Prison (EP)

    31 mai 2011
    The Pessimist
    The Optimist
    My Own Savior
  • Mythosis : Counter Fate Illusions

    Counter Fate Illusions

    3 février 2007
    Salubrius Cognition
    Life Less
    Holy Blood
    Soldier of Emptiness
    Soul Reflection
    The Art of Self Affliction
    Kiss my Dead Mind
    Through the Eyes of the Past
    In the Delirium of my Illness

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  • Auteur: Morgana

    Mercredi, 27 juillet 2011 à 08h36

    c'est une bibliographie très intéressante J'ai lu plus sur casino gratuit, je ne peux pas imaginer comment amny les efforts qu'il a fallu pour faire de votre bande bien connue, combien de choses ont été sacrifiés. mais la chose principale que vous l'aimez, les gars...

  • Auteur: Mythosis

    Mercredi, 28 février 2007 à 03h31

    What's up folks! Hésitez pas a nous donner vos commentaire, visiter notre myspace, nous contacter pour des shows ou pour faire le party!


  • The Pessimist

  • Epistimology

  • The Optimist

  • My Own Savior

  • Soldier Of Emptyness

  • Kiss My Dead Mind

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Desbouleaux Fest, Saint-Augustin (Basse-Côte-Nord)

Bar L'agite, Québec

La Chapelle De La Réparation, Montréal-Est

Bar L'Évolution, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

Rock Café Le Stage, Trois-Rivières


Mythosis -

  • Mythosis - Preview #1

    Mythosis - Preview #1

  • Mythosis - The Optimist (Rehearsal) *Drum Cam*

    Mythosis - The Optimist (Rehearsal) *Drum Cam*

  • Mythosis - Kiss My Dead Mind (Live) Ending *GoPro Hero2 Cam*

    Mythosis - Kiss My Dead Mind (Live) Ending *GoPro Hero2 Cam*

  • ''Manifestation'' Sur un drum de Casserole

    ''Manifestation'' Sur un drum de Casserole


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