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Nowadaze has been around since late 2007. Members being Stephanie Brushett on vocals, James-Patrick Cannon on lead guitar, Alexandre Lebel on rhythm guitar, Sam Robinson on bass and Jessy-James O'Neill on the drums. The band took off when Stephanie Brushett (their newest member) came into the band; with her they became complete. They knew very soon that they had every element needed to form a new, kick ass rock sound. An amazing yet soft voice, 80's rock infused with alternative rock, pop and a touch of metal.

But this is just the beginning of their story...

After bonding with each other, playing a few local shows at their high school and composing their very first song (No More Sense), Nowadaze was finally on its way to being a true band. In January, 2009 they registered themselves to a provincial wide battle of the bands called 'Can Your School Rock?'. They had no idea what to expect being one of two bands from Quebec. They walked into the competition nervous, excited, but confident! The competition was what truly shaped the band. With constant twists and deadlines for songs to be learned/written, the band learned very quickly how to work with each other and perform.

All in all they made it into the top 8 bands. But as discouraging as it was not to make it into the finale, they still profited from this experience. They got to record their best single with 1 Light Studios and make a music video!

The band took a well deserved break during the summer from the four months of chaos, balancing school, family, jobs and ofcourse the hours and hours of practicing. They are now back on their feet with the beginning of the new school year and are preparing themselves for another recording with 1 Light Studios in the upcoming winter!

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