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little bio from antoine, the vocalist:

It all started around July 2006. Our drummer and I were looking to start a new band so we put up an add on We got a response almost instantly. The dude's name was JC, he said he was looking to start up a punk band. So we got in touch with him and we met up for a band practice. He showed us some songs he wrote and we liked em. At this point I was still playing bass. We practiced a couple of times and i then decided to lose the bass and concentrate on signing. The three of us went to record a song (Watching Tv) and shit studio called Solodrum. A certain Eric Shaw assisted us with the recording of this tune. Later on, we realised we needed a bassist so once again we put up an add on , i think it was the next day when a 15 year old kid named Karl got in touch with us. He said he could learn our song and he'd show us some stuff he'd written. At the next practice, Karl showed up and we thought he was pretty cool, so he was in. Now our line up was complete. August 7th was our first show. We were part of this little battle of this bands thing hosted by Supernova. Needless to say we didnt win but the show went ok. In September we went back to Base Bin studios and recorded another song (this world). The song definatly sounded better with Karl playing bass. The next week we played our second show, again a battle of the bands. It was September 28th. The show was much better than our first and people actully seemed to enjoy it. We played a show for a friend's birthday and the same night Karl demonstrated his acoustic talents performing covers like ''boxcar'' from Jawbreaker and i think he played Alkaline Trio's ''my friend peter'' about 10 times that night. In late November we booked 3 hours at Base Bin studios and recorded 6 songs live. These songs make up our demo EP. I organised a show with a bunch of local punk bands like The Gosh Darns , The Whorables (now Rectum Kill) , Buttmuffins, Society Ills and Mr.HYde. The show was a mild success. This is pretty much what happened this year, seeing as how 2006 is coming to a close i thought it'd be fitting to recap the last 6 months. To kick off 2007, we are proud to announce we have a 2nd guitar player called Kirill to add to the mayhem :D Up ahead: were obviously gonna play more shows, write more songs and record them, hopefully we can start playing shows in different places soon. For now we've got a show coming up at Club Soda with The gosh Darns and many other bands.


  •  : First Demo

    First Demo

    15 décembre 2006
    Mad Scientist
    People's Opium
    Bad Breath
    Bomb Up Your Ass
    L.E.B./Watching TV
    This World Is Dying

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  • Exposure January 27-28

    Jeudi, 25 janvier 2007

    so... we're playing Exposure this weekend. We play on sunday @ 2:30 (a shitty ass time, indeed)

    Hope to see you kids there!

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