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This project years in the making has come up with a live outfit bound to swing heavy. What can best be described as "hip-rock", this long awaited musical supergroup is diversified in every aspect of the term. Its members calling their homes Montreal and Quebec City, their sound draws inspiration from their local scenes but can also be traced as far back as Australia and California - undoubtedly influencing the heart and soul of Sunspinnaz.
Musically, the group finds its unlikely roots in hip-hop and rock, with each member bringing forth their piece of the puzzle. Vocalists Slasher Jones and Profit bring lyrical prowess and richly crafted metaphors, skills honed for years with their personal projects but now delivered in a potentially electrifying duo. Assisting the latter with the beats, guitar riffs and keyboards are C-Rob and Keyjay. The tracks laid down by the men behind the instruments have an unmistakable rock-metal tinge, but with hip-hop remaining as its driving force, they render the sound complex yet nonetheless accessible. The combination creates music that mirrors the background influences of its members; from frantic pace-setting anthems, to mellow introspective tracks, Sunspinnaz reach a fine line between orchestrated insanity and engineered balance.
Already live show veterans with their previous outfits, the group offer an equally great spectacle as a casual listen. Most importantly, the message emphasized covers the bases of human experience: their music being all about the expression of life through a beat and melody, without being contrived with the limitation of any musical categories. From the daily grind to the weight of time, to the utmost tragedy to the shortest moments of bliss, Sunspinnaz delivers the essence of the truth that you thought you already knew. Without preaching, it’s about going forward. It’s about taking the time to soak it in. It’s about remembering the things that made us.
You want to hear this band's interpretation of reality.

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