The Shifters

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    Garage, Punk & Rock
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    Spinerazor / Universal
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Formed in january 2001 in Montreal, Qc. CANADA.

Rock n’ roll has never been in God’s good graces. Elvis was supposedly the son of Satan because of the way he shook his hips, Ozzy bit the head off a bat, while Motley Crue lived fast. Montreal’s The Shifters are about to unleash their great musical sin in the form of Music For Sinners, the band’s new album for Spinerazor Records / Universal Medias.

“If you smoke, drink, fight or fuck, you’ll love our music,” sums up The Shifters frontman Marty Marty. ”Our music is for people who drive fast, live loud and are all tattooed up hence the title, Music For Sinners.

Established in 2001 at Montreal’s legendary Bar St-Laurent, The Shifters bonded over the love of alcohol and tattoos to play their first show and create music that reflected their fast lifestyle. Drawing influence from a wide range if influences - Social Distortion, Kyuss, The Ramones and AC/DC – The Shifters recorded a demo, The Car-Tune’s Years’, and quickly began touring relentlessly across Ontario and Quebec developing a loyal following of devoted sinners who appreciated their fresh approach to rock ‘n’ roll.

In 2002, The Shifters released their debut album Fast Loose and Lovely (Final Records / Local) and quickly established themselves as leaders of the rock ’n’ roll subculture within Montreal by playing shows with notorious bands like The Vibrators, The Horrorpops, Maximum R’N R and damn more ... No one could deny the band’s powerful sound and vision.

Now the Sinners have taken their fiery brand of rock n’ roll and sonically welded it into an epic sound with Music For Sinners, the band’s new album on Spinerazor Records. Produced by René Garcia (Gutter Demons, Alley Dukes, The Ripcordz, The Brains) the album features The Shifters’ trademark sound of loud guitars and hard hitting drums mixed with intoxicatingly sleazy vocals. The album kicks off with the sound of an engine starting up and quickly shifts into the heavy groove of “L.I.A.R.” and never looks back. “Busted” is a cover from country legend Harlan Howard with René Garcia stepping out from behind the board and in front of the mic. Armed with squealing guitar riffs and powerful sing along choruses, The Shifters are the soundtrack to a booze filled weekend.

The Shifters’ sins extend far beyond their music and lifestyles, as the cover artwork for Music For Sinners features a sexy image of none other than adult film star Jade Starr ( The band’s connection to the sinful world of adult entertainment doesn’t end there, as the song “Sleaze Tequila” is featured in the new Ron Royster adult film, Atomic Vixens ( and featured on the soundtrack.

“We love porn, it's the only reason we pay our internet bills, laughs drummer Mike E. “We have Jade Starr on our album cover because she reminds us of rock n' roll; she's sexy with an attitude. The Atomic Vixens thing came about because Ron Royster is a fan of ours and we are all fans of his movies. So when he contacted us to have a track on his up-coming movie it was a no brainer.” Whatever your poison, whether it’s porn, cigarettes, booze or sleazy rock ‘n’ roll, The Shifters are the soundtrack to your transgressions.

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