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Fans know more than most, and they have spoken: The new era of radio rock is not fulfilling the promise left by the still-resonating rock music of decades past. We are in need of new standards consisting of heartfelt songwriting and sincere execution. A new era. Third Era.

Equifinality is the principle that in open systems, say the hard rock scene, a given end state can be reached by many potential means. Cutting a demo and hyping it on MySpace is undoubtedly an increasingly popular avenue to take these days, but so much is lost in taking that shortcut. In writing and delivering countless cathartic performances throughout Canada’s rock-hungry Northeast for the past seven years, Montreal’s Third Era have gelled into an unrelenting vehicle of catchy, multi-faceted rock music with roots deep like the Montreal rock circuit itself.

These five eclectic and determined progressive rockers in Third Era personify the past thirty years of popular and ethnic music, notably, the best in funk, blues, latin, metal, and pop. The band meticulously and effortlessly melds these influences into an unparalleled yet warmly recognizable style not unlike the catchier moments of Incubus, Rise Against, or Stone Sour, while allowing the stunning dexterity of each player to emerge at key points. Frontman, vocalist, and ship captain Sebastien Ducap has spent the past eleven years writing and performing in original bands, from the alternative Sylph, to francophone rock Dimanche, to new wave punk machine Tropical Goat, in each as a professionally-trained drummer. His bold move is comparable only to Dave Grohl’s identical transition from Nirvana to Foo Fighters, and the early results are similar as well, as Ducap strikes any listener or audience member as a natural on the mic.

Third Era’s latest release, the five-track United EP, was produced by renowned Montreal rock producer Kevin Jardine (The Monarchy, ex-Slaves on Dope) at Uplift Studios, a born musician that only takes on projects he believes in. On United, Jardine brings out the best in the band’s organic performances, without losing any of the human feel as many studio cut-and-paste producers today are guilty of. The band’s latest songs including The Sunset, September is falling, United, and Between are sure to invade listeners’ playlists not unlike a houseguest who refuses to leave.

Aiming to tour as much as humanly possible, these scene veterans are more than road ready, they thirst for blood…but will settle for energy drinks. Who will be fortunate enough to usher in the Third Era?

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