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Coming from the city of Montreal, it's been now more than 4 years since Tomahawk Carriers has made it's first step into the local hardcore scene. Based on the foundations built by Marc-Olivier Champagne-Thomas (bass) and Mathieu Harton (drums), the band quickly gained the addition of guitarist Mark Notte, who brought along his youth crew influences and love for fast paced riffs. After a couple of shows and 2 demos, the guys decided to add more depth to their sound and seek another guitarist. Having parted ways with his band In Denial, Pedro joined the boys in 2006 and brought along his love for agressive and melodic riffs. With their most solid lineup yet, the band records a new promotional cd and starts working harder than ever to make their voices heard within the Quebec hardcore scene. After many shows with amazing local bands and playing alongside A Perfect Murder, Die Young, Life Long Tragedy, In Search Of, The Video Dead, Another Breath and Lions, the guys are gaining the reputation of giving a solid, sincere and friendly performance, driven by a strong positive message and huge sing alongs.

Spring 2007 marks the beginning of a new era for Tomahawk Carriers. Just before a small local trek of 8 shows, the guys unexpectedly parts ways with their original singer, and comes face to face with many unanswered questions concerning the fate of the band. Standing stronger than ever, they finally decide to quickly find a replacement and do the shows. In the end what they found was much more than a replacement, and turned out to be the missing piece to take the band's sound to another level. Marie-Josée joins the boys just 2 weeks before her first shows and proves that she's determined to take her place and carry on the message of unity, integrity, and friendship that this band delivers.

With the release of their first ep, "HOLDING ON TO OUR LIVES", these strong supporters of DIY ethics and social awareness are now more than ready to work their hardest to keep on doing what they love; playing hardcore and making people smile. Through fast agressive melodies, catchy sing alongs, occasionnal breakdowns and 2-step hooks, their music has now turned into one undeniable heartfelt intensity, that could feed any audience the good time they're looking for.


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