Track Map Liberty

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    Patrick Tremblay -
    Guitars, Vocals
    Philippe Corbeil -
    Lead Guitars, Back Vocals
    François Desjardins -
    Drums, Back Vocals
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A couple of years ago, Patrick started composing some music for a project he would name The Side Project for quite a while. Although he wrote with great ambitions, this project remained a basement band with only him as a member. Through a few years of college, Patrick met three extraordinary musicians who would become great friends, but not yet colleagues. About a year ago, while TETROZ wasn’t yet ready to form again, Patrick felt like he needed to listen to his dream and write more music. More music he wrote! He bought a USB microphone and started recording songs for an imaginary band he would simply call patrick+tremblay+music, with hopes of someday finding musicians to play with. A year and twelve songs later, his wishes came true when he formed Track Map Liberty with these three friends he hung out and played with in college, ready for the ride of their lives!

So why Track Map Liberty?
Patrick explains:
“I’ve been looking for the best band name ever since the early TETROZ days. I knew that patrick+tremblay+music wasn’t going to last a so I kept looking until not so long ago. I wasn’t looking for something I’d just like. I wanted something that I would feel comfortable carrying around for a long long time, that would represent me and that my future colleagues would also like! I LOVED the name The Side Project, but I knew that it was taken by multiple bands... So how does the three words -track map and liberty, which don’t really go together represent me? It’s pretty simple: I once downloaded an anagram software to play around with some words in order to find a band name. An anagram is basically rearranging letters of a word to make up another one, two, three or more. After putting in a few words and not finding anything interesting, I simply wrote Patrick Tremblay, my name! The first combination of words that struck me was what is now the name of this band! Rearranging the letters P-A-T-R-I-C-K-T-R-E-M-B-L-A-Y gives you Track Map Liberty and there’s really nothing more to it! After finding that name, I of course tried to find different significations but I thought I’d leave it there. I thought I’d leave it to anyone to find there own definition for this awkward combination of words that, I must admit, sound pretty good! At least to my ear!”

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