Whatever it takes

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  • Style de musique:
    Emo, Punk & Rock
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  • Membres

    Jonathan De Pinho -
    Bass / Vocal
    Eric Panchaud -
    Guitar / B.Vocal
    Simon Leclaire -
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Formed in 2006, Whatever it takes got his name by telling themselves that, as 3 best friends, they would do whatever it takes to make music, shows, albums and mostly keep the fun alive as a band doing all of those things.

Eric (guitar) and Simon (drums) started to play together when Jonathan wanted to tag along as a bass player and singer. Knowing each other already, the chemistry just picked up naturally and songs were just coming up very fast, even if 2/3 of the bands were still new as being musiciens and being in a band (Simon and Jonathan).

After about a year of writing, practicing and recording, WIT felt like they had to go out on stage and experiment everything they had developed over the year. That's when they started organizing their first ever show which will be happening on Match 10 2007. You can check on the concert list here for more info, or check out their myspace account.

After their first show, WIT will be recording a demo CD and will be back doing some other shows during the summer. And hopefully, you'll be able to catch all the music and specially the fun at them!

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Saints show bar, Montréal

Au P'tit Buck, Montréal

Le Colonel de Salaberry, Châteauguay

  • Whatever it takes, Dreadnut, The Cranes

    10 mars 2007



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  • Whatever it takes en show le 10 Mars!

    Vendredi, 2 mars 2007

    En show le 10 Mars au Colonel de Salaberry: Whatever it takes Dreadnut The Cranes 6$ cover, 3$ bière et fort, 10$ le pichet! À 21h30! Ne...

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