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The whole idea of making a band named Xceed started in 2001, when two friends from Quebec City named Simon Martel and Frederick Proulx, wanted to create their own music. It took time before they finally find their style: A brand new breed of rock music. In the summer of 2002 Simon and his father started to build a soundproof place to start the project as a band. There was a lot of work to do, but with some help, the job was finally done at the end of july. They were now ready to complete the band. Fred was singing and playing bass while simon played the guitar. After a lot of search they finally met a guy who as the potential to be part of the team. Jonathan Valcourt was now ready to play drums in the Xceed’s project. So they spend the rest of 2002 and 2003 writing songs and improve their sound.

In 2004 Fred decided to stop playing bass and started to play the guitar. He found it was easier that way to play while he was singing. So they basicly start all over again and learn how create a unique sound with two guitars. That was the sound they always wanted: complete, modern and melodic.
A lot of the songs now known by the public, were made in 2004 with Simon’s new 7 strings guitar and Fred’s new guitar gear. Even if the new songs sounded great there was still someone missing: a bass player! So the band display some posts in music stores and on the web.

Finally in the end of 2004 a guy named Guillaume Gagon-Auger answer the ad on the website Quebecpunkscene.net. Xceed was now Complete!
After that Xceed deceided to write some songs in french and went to a studio in quebec to recorded 3 songs.With the help of a radio station 97,3 Fm Xceed played with the biggest worlds band on the air.
The song: Ame Perdue arrived a couple of time in the top of the day list.

Now in 2006 Xceed is writing new stuff,in english this time, and hope to do more shows as possible to make you hear this unique sound.


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