Another Existence

  • Région:
    La Malbaie
  • Style de musique:
    Hardcore & Métal
    Actif depuis:
  • Membres

    Vocal -
    Alex Bergeron
    Drum -
    Simon Boulianne
    R Guit -
    Pascal Dufour
    L Guit -
    Zaé St-Laurent
    Bass -
  • Courriel:


Another Existence has been founded in March 2005 by Pascal and Zaé. Then they called Alex and Simon to join the band to form at this day the original formation. 2 bassman played for us since the beginning and we are searching for the 3rd. Our first show was 3 months after the birth of AE. We recorded our first demo 2 months after our first show. Since this day we organized shows many times with good friends and other bands, we have 17 songs in our listing and we are to prepare our second recording.

We inspired our music on many kinds of music like Death metal, Trash metal, Heavy metal, grind and mostly on Hardcore. Beginning by playing Metallica, Slayer and Anonymus covers we started play our songs inspired by them and bands like Sworn Enemy, Terror, A Perfect Murder, All Out War, Despised Icon, Skinless, Dying Fetus and many many more good bands. Now it’s yours to discover us!

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