Maybe Next Year

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    Punk & Rock
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    AMERIQUE: Indépendant - JAPON: Twilight Records
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    Alek -
    Matt -
    Lead Guitar
    Chris -
    Rick -
    Mos -
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No one ever said that growing up would be easy. We all wake up every day hoping, wishing for our worries and problems to just dissipate into darkness. The tough reality is that the hurdles and obstacles in life are there to benefit us as people; whether it's to learn about responsibility, how to cope with heartache and other emotions or how to go from zero to hero in a second's notive. Maybe Next Year (MNY) relates to those real people in real situations when they feel that life isn't what it's cracked up to be.

The whole phenomenon started back in 2005 when the band's frontman, Alek, fed up with the lack of realism and sincerity in today's music, decided to attempt to bring his feelings, thoughts and opinions to the world through his music. Where to start? How about willing musicians that would share a similar vision?

Alek had been friends with MOS for a long time, having played with him before, after hearing the proposition and hearing the rough material, MOS was ready and willing to do whatever it took to get this project going. A mutual friend of theirs introduced them to a guitar teacher and session musician named Matt. Matt agreed to come into the studio and lay down a few guitar tracks for the first EP and did a marvelous job. Upon hearing the songs themselves, Matt felt deep down in his heart that he was compelled to be a part of the band. He quickly hopped onto the bandwagon on the guitar and has been shredding licks for them ever since. The three of them went on writing and recording new material but got stuck in the studio... Who was going to play bass? The guys decided that it was best for them to pay a session musician to come in and lay down bass tracks right away before going off and looking for a permanent bass player. The band went on an audition spree. Hundreds of guys tried out, some of them knew how to play but had no stage presence, others couldn't keep a rhythm but were able to lose their minds on stage... the band needed someone with that perfect balance. MOS had gotten an idea to contact Chris, an old bassist of his. They had played a good 50 shows together and MOS already knew his capabilities. After the first rehearsal, Chris instantly was cast in the mould and was thrilled with the opportunity to share the stage with Alek, MOS and Matt. But something was still missing... The fact was, the band had great music but not enough instruments to give the live show the extra kick that they wanted. Enter Rick. Singer, songwriter, guitarist. He was a great friend of the band and had already played a few shows with them. Already familiar with the music he picked up the material quickly, fit like a glove and shares the same vision the rest of the band has.

That vision, to offer the most driving rhythms, infectious melodies and real everyone-can-relate-to lyrics in some of the most genuine, heartfelt songs that hook the listener at the first listen and refuse to let go. This is Maybe Next Year and it's here to stay.


  •  : Back to the start EP

    Back to the start EP

    1 janvier 2007
    If you leave
    Back to the start
    Good enough
    There is nothing
    When you're not around
    Last day

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