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Crooked Jacks are Canadian punk-rock warriors hailing from the musical purgatory of Sherbrook, Quebec. From street punks to aging skaters caught up in adult world they cant figure out anyone can relate to these guys.

Created in 2009 after many long nights, blistered fingers and various vices, Crooked Jacks mixes fast paced punk rock with catchy, almost country, guitar riffs. Known for their brutally honest lyrics that come straight from the heart, they convey a message of what its like to grow up caught between worlds, of what its like to feel out of place, and what its like to feel left behind. As depressing as this may seem, they have an uplifting and almost humoristic way of seeing things, and their on stage banter can atone to this.

Although they there have been a few roster changes over their four-year life span, the band appears to have settled into a winning combination, having recently brought one of the most experienced and talented punk rock drummers their area had to offer, Mark Lambert. Add to this Chris catchy country riffs, Matts fast-paced solos and Jays aggressive bass style, and you have a sound to be remembered.

Musically, the best way to describe them is to imagine that Screeching Weasel knocked up Social Distortion, and the resulting baby is a huge fan of The Broadways. From Springsteen to Cash, The Clash to The Pogues, their influences are as varied as their individual employment statuses.

In their four years of existence they have been mostly sticking to their neck of the woods, playing shows all over Quebec and Ontario, including a few mini-tours with bands like The Skullians and The Motorleague. They are working hard towards their next big challenge, a full east coast/maritime of Canada tour in the summer of 2014.

2013 was a big year for the boys in Crooked Jacks. Having played shows with bands they look up to like Mute, Miracles and Off With Their Heads, and sharing the stage with legends like Guttermouth and Agent Orange, many things they never thought possible came to be. They also had the chance to play one of Canadas biggest punk festivals, Pouzzafest. During all this, they also independently released their first full length EP in March, titled When Its All Over. Their first music video Whiskey and Cocaine was launched in October with the help of their good friends at RawCut Media.
The Canadian boys are currently recording and producing a six song EP straight out of their jam spot, to be released in the spring of 2014.
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  • Crooked Jacks : Checking Out The Dead

    Checking Out The Dead

    25 avril 2014
    5 or 6
    Touting More!
    Checking Out the Dead
    Bad Decisions
  • Crooked Jacks : When It's All Over

    When It's All Over

    3 mars 2013
    Sucked You In
    Need It
    .45 Caliber
    Anti-Social Networking
    These Pages
    You Should Know
    Swept Away!
    My Side Of The Tracks
    Whiskey And Cocaine
    Sporadic Insobriety (Best Joke of the Roast)
  • Crooked Jacks : The 59% Demo

    The 59% Demo

    9 mai 2012
    .45 Caliber
    My Side
    Whiskey and Cocaine
    Swept Away!

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  • Auteur: Running Facedown

    Mercredi, 26 janvier 2011 à 14h44

    On est un band de Punk Rock de Montral pis on est en train de se bouquer une tourne travers le Qubec pis on voulais savoir si a vous intresse de jouer avec nous autre quand on va tre dans votre ville !!! tk redonnez-nous des news le plus vite possible.
    Phil - Running Facedown


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Microbrasserie Saint-Honor - Pub Le Laser, Saint-Honor

La Source de la martinire, Qubec

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Bar Le Magog, Sherbrooke

Le Murdoch, Sherbrooke

Mademoiselle, Montral

L'hemisphere gauche, Montral

  • Taxi Mood, Crooked Jacks, Tuxes and Yorkers, The Whiskey Chase, Calamity steed

    27 novembre 2015


Le Murdoch, Sherbrooke


Crooked Jacks - Crooked Jacks - 5 or 6


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  • Mardi, 19 février 2019 à 20h41

    Well would ya look at that. We still have a twitter account. What a crazy world this is

  • Samedi, 9 juillet 2016 à 12h36

    We have some very exiting news. We are planning a band practice some time next week. Gonna be super average. So stoked

  • Lundi, 25 avril 2016 à 10h13

    Oops here is the link.

  • Lundi, 25 avril 2016 à 10h13

    New split album is up on our band camp. Check it out.

  • Jeudi, 7 avril 2016 à 10h02

    Jamming new tunes. Be sure to drop by the Murdock in Sherbrooke April 22nd for the show.


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