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Fallen Bridge began as a four-piece hardcore-punk band called "keep on charging". The band featured Talbot on bass, Marquis on guitar, Pepe on drums and Gob as the lead vocalist. After the release of their 5 track EP titled "In Memory of our Fathers" and a string of successful gigs, the band decided to add a new guitar player (Vince) to diversify their sound. Soon after, another significant lineup change occurred when Vocalist Gob decided to leave the band for personal reasons.

Thus, a brand new and radically different singer (P-A) was recruited and the band literally kept on charging. However, due to the noticeable change in style and direction resulting from these changes, the band members decided that it was more than appropriate to rename the group. In order to reflect their more mature and more melodic new sound, and to acknowledge their roots as Quebecois, the boys renamed themselves "Fallen Bridge". Stemming from sonically different backgrounds, Fallen Bridge's new sound is now ready to rock your ears!!! Be Ready 'cause we haven't dropped the charge !!!

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  • First Ep ''Under the Moonlight"

    Mercredi, 13 mai 2009

    First Ep coming up on June 09 This EP will complete the transition between the ex band called Keep on Charging and Fallen Bridge. With this ve...

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