Just Because

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    Punk & Rock
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    Louis-Lanz -
    Drums + Back Vocalsl
    Luke -
    Bass + Back Vocals
    Joe C. -
    Lead Guitar + Back vocals
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JUST BECAUSE was formed in 2003(I think!!!)on the south shore of Montreal by four buddies who got nothing better to do than laugh of everyone (including ourselves).No one of us was really a good musician at his own instrument (except for Joe who,(according to myself)is a really good lead guitarist)but I swear we can "Rock the place" everywhere we go!!! I (for my own history)sang and played guitar with Jigernuts a few years ago....a project that broke up with the sudden death of our bass player (and really good friend)St-low!!!R.I.P.!!After that I tried to run things on my own (and it never really comes to "things")..But when I knew that Luke and Louis were interested in "the things"...I just said "let's go!!"...We tried to record our first tape in the Louis's basement....but there was a part in one of these songs that I figured out but just CAN'T play(some people called it ....a solo hahaha!!)...Joe was there and I knew that he was a good guitar player so I just say once again..."let's go...play that part and show me what you've got!!!"..it was great!!!So we finished to record the song...and (of course)after 1 months just lost the tape ...That's the story of our life!!!...it sucks!!...but after all.. we were a band!! Luke and I wrote and structure about 10 songs in one night...(they were all 45 seconds long ...but sounds so good!!)...After practice all these songs many many many times(many times=1 week)we played maybe beetween 10-20 shows in bars, partys, driveways, garage, and even at a place that Sid Vicious himself would be called a jock....... "La Foire Punk!!" it just kinda sucks(and we did too! but well!!....we did it!!)...A year after that, we meet a guy named "Dom" who works at a studio not far from our little town.He likes what we were playing(I supposed it!) so he decided to help us out by recording a practice at his studio.We played each of our songs 2 times, and a couple of cover of Screeching Weasel (those were awfull but what can I say!!...we like them!!).Dom recorded all the session and it took about 2 hours to play it!...it was great for a "all together" record (demo) and that's why we decided to call it "As It Is!!!" (three of these songs you hear here came from this record) (at the begining I was probably the only one with luke to think there was something to do with that)Sure there was a lot of off-key chords and a shitload of mistakes in my singing.But it was really fun....and that's what we're all about...FUN!!!...Tons and Tons of pure fun!!!...(you'll never catch me singing about war, religion, animal rights, politics......it's not our business.We want to make the people forget about this shitty world we lived in)....OK...let's go back to our demo!!.We sell about 60 copies of this cd, and now ,we try to get organized(Yeah right!!) a little bit...Since then we played a couple of shows here and there(I got to mention that our last show for the moment was with the Queers and DAMN IT WAS GREAT) but we still not make a lot of money ....and that's not the fu*&ing point.If we would play music for the money (first of all we wouldnt't play punk-rock)we'd be a bunch of stupid sell-out jocks who sing about what the people want to hear so it can make them believe that tommorrow will be a better day (and I don't think so!!!). We are now working on a side-project. A tribute to Screeching Weasel, we'll play a couple of songs and maybe keep some of those to play at a show someday!!.... For this project there's a new(not really but.... !?) line up. It will be J-Nicolas instead of Louis on drums (he also play with us when our drummer is out for long time (I got to mention that he's probably the most musician in the band)). I also played with him in Jigernuts. Well.. !!! I think that's it!!!... So if you want to know more about us ..... write us!! .... just_because_2004_@hotmail.com -Mike Wrap-


  •  : AS It IS !!!!

    AS It IS !!!!

    26 mai 2006
    I Don't wanna be like you
    Happy as a hippie
    Can't get my eyes off of you
    That's me
    I wanna be...
    The way we are
    Wake up
    Have a nice day
    I need a makeover

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