Deadly Apples

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    Alex Martel -
    voix, clavier, échantillonnage, piano, guitare, tambourine
    Antoine Lamothe -
    batterie, clavier, piano
    Daniel Pelletier -
    guitare, piano
    Gabriel Maurice -
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For over eight years, Deadly Apples has been a relentless force of Canada's music scene. Not many unsigned bands last that long. Maybe it's because of the constant touring and the intense live performances. Or perhaps it's because the band never tried to fit into a trend or a particular genre. Whatever it is, it sure worked. The band's touring schedule for the last two years in support of 2008's Infected included opening slots for Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Priestess, Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, Alexisonfire and countless more. Deadly Apples also stripped things down for an electroacoustic tour across Canada with Blindoldfreak, the solo project of Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails). The band also played big-scale festivals such as Toronto's Virgin Fest, Montreal’s Heavy MTL and New Hampshire's Rock On Fest, as well as most of the Quebec festival circuit including stops at the Musiqu'en Nous Festival, Petite-Nation Rockfest and Outaouais Emergent Festival. Not too bad.

Anyone who's had the privilege – or irreparable trauma – of witnessing Deadly Apples live only has one word to describe the experience: intensity. It is no different this time around, thanks to Infected, the band's second disc that propels its sound to a whole new level, serving once again as the soundtrack to frontman Alex Martel's psychological – or rather psychotic – thematics in the context of general infection. He bares his soul and spills his guts from his usual emotional honesty. Produced, performed, recorded and mixed by Martel, Antoine Lamothe and Dan Pelletier in Montreal, Quebec and Daytona Beach, Florida, then mastered at Wild Studio in St-Zenon by Pierre Remillard (Rush, Grimskunk), Infected produces an atmosphere of perdition, dirty, melancholic and cathartic – sometimes magnanimous, sometimes neurotic. Combining a cold electronic brutality and a warm deep softness, the music remains however accessible and catchy to a large audience because of its eclectism.

The result found on Infected is a turbulent climax of Deadly Apples' first few years, as much on stage as away from the spotlight. Martel founded DA in 2002, creating a solid reputation of wild performances and unconventional music. The first disc, Metamorphosis Has Begun, was quickly recorded in 2005 with minimal production taken in charge by Martel and Jean-Guy Bruneau (Les Chiens Sales, Ukko). Its goal was to re-create the brutality of the group's concerts back then. Following its sold-out release concert, the album received critical acclaim from the industry and is still appreciated by many despite its raw content.

After touring for two years in support of Infected, the band is now back in the studio to record a third album that will blow people's minds. Featuring long-time friend James ‘Munky’ Shaffer of Korn as guest guitarist, the new material is really catchy yet very raw and dirty, with ambient soundscapes and electronics -- something unique and different with peaks and valleys. Think of it as Nine Inch Nails meets White Stripes meets Portishead. Kind of. Deadly Apples will be playing numerous festivals this summer with an album release planned for winter 2011.


  •  : Infected


    21 juin 2008
    Self-Inflicted Oppression
    My Own God
  •  : Metamorphosis Has Begun

    Metamorphosis Has Begun

    22 octobre 2005
    Troubled Mind
    It Never Ends

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Marina de Montebello, Montebello

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Marina de Montebello, Montebello

Marina de Montebello, Montebello

Marina de Montebello, Montebello

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Deadly Apples -

  • Korn's James 'Munky' Shaffer recording with Deadly Apples
    Deadly Apples

    Korn's James 'Munky' Shaffer recording with Deadly Apples


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